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Orange County Property Division Attorney

marital property settlement lawyer

Huntington Beach Marital Property Settlement Lawyer

We possess sophisticated property division and asset protection experience. We understand the financial issues associated with complicated property division. We will discuss your goals and guide you to provide guidance based on California's community property laws.

Our lead lawyer, Edwin Fahlen, has 23 years of experience handling divorce cases, including those involving complex property division issues. He will evaluate your situation to help determine the best course of action.

Community Property Basics

Unfortunately, most people believe that they are automatically entitled to receive half of their marital assets when they divorce. However, community property regulations will be complex. The key to achieving an appropriate division of property is identifying where assets originated.

At the Orange County Law Office of Edwin Fahlen, we have a wealth of experience evaluating property and assets. We will help determine how specific assets may be treated in court. We will provide detailed explanations for property brought into a marriage and considered separate property, including inheritances and gifts.

Thorough Investigation

Our Orange County property division lawyer understands the importance of conducting thorough property and asset investigations when dividing property and protecting assets.

Our extensive business and real estate law experience helps us trace property. We will review pertinent documents to help determine where the money came from. We also consult with forensic accountants for complex property division issues, including:

  • Retirement funds
  • Pension plans
  • Interest in a business
  • Business valuations
Additionally, our property division representation includes clients involved with family owned and operated businesses. These cases will be very complex. Many factors influence division, including whether both spouses worked at the company. We will discuss your situation and guide you to provide tailored guidance for your needs.