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Orange County Buy Sell Agreement Lawyer

orange county buy sell agreement

At our California law firm, we provide comprehensive real estate advocacy. We understand the financial hardships both buyers and sellers may face during real estate transactions. We also understand the benefits of a properly drafted buy-sell agreement.

Huntington Beach Real Estate Advisory Attorney

At the Law Office of Edwin Fahlen, we will review your current agreement or provide informed guidance when you require a buy-sell agreement. Whether you are a buyer or seller, our goal is to help protect your interests at every stage of your real estate transaction.

Informed Real Estate Advisor

Our Orange County buy-sell agreement lawyer, Edwin Fahlen, has 23 years of complex real estate law experience. He will discuss your issues and how the law may affect your case. He will provide guidance for:

  • Performance obligations: Fixing a roof, fixing leaks, water damage repair
  • Rights and duties between buyers and sellers
  • Misrepresentation: Concealment of facts, failure to disclose
  • Broker disputes: Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Boundary line and property disputes
  • Quiet title actions
  • Escrow accounts and financing disputes
  • Partition actions and general contract disputes

Skilled Contract Advisor

With 23 years of experience, Mr. Fahlen has handled practically every real estate issue between buyers and sellers imaginable. The key, often, will be found in how well your contracts are written. Attorney Fahlen will review your current contracts to see if they are in-line with your short and long-term goals. He will also help draft contracts tailored to your needs. His guidance today will help you prevent costly disputes down the road.