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Orange County Neighbor Disputes Lawyer

orange county neighbor disputes

Neighborhoods are intended to create livable space for owners. Whether you are a member of a homeowners association (HOA) or a traditional homeowner, you do have rights to live peaceably and protect your property. At the Law Office of Edwin Fahlen, we offer strategic advocacy and service to protect our clients involved in homeowner association disputes and neighbor disputes.

If you are involved in a dispute with a neighbor, contact an Orange County neighbor disputes attorney at our law firm. We will provide you with informed guidance and experienced representation with all of your real estate and property issues.

Solutions to Protect Your Rights

Depending on the type of dispute, we will tailor our approach for your case. We can help you find a solution to your dispute such as:

  • If you are involved in a property boundary line dispute, including encroaching structures
  • or trees, we may seek to establish boundary lines through a title investigation or quiet title action.
  • If your neighbor is acting unlawfully, including being a nuisance or engaging in noise
  • violations, we will seek a restraining order.
  • If your dispute is related to property damage, such as water drain-off
  • from your neighbor's property, we may be able to seek an injunction that will stop damage and an award to compensate you for the loss of value to your property.
  • If there was trespassing or property damage, we will help you seek monetary damages.

Homeowner Association Disputes

Homeowner associations devise a series of covenants that restrict the actions of the homeowners for what is considered to be the better good of the neighborhood. There are also contracts and California law that require homeowners associations to carry out certain actions on behalf of the homeowners.

These agreements and laws can lead to serious disputes between the association and the homeowner. We are experienced in representing homeowners who are interested in forcing their homeowner association to carry out obligations related to maintaining common space, enforcing governing documents and preventing neighbors from breaching contractual agreements.

Neighbor Disputes

Whether you are in a homeowners association or not, you may have trouble with one of your neighbors. You may have a neighbor remodeling and encroaching on your property, failing to remove debris or causing a general disturbance. We are experienced in helping you assert your rights against neighbor disputes involving nuisance, boundary lines, disturbance, trespassing, encroachment and noise.

Free Initial Consultation With a Huntington Beach Property/Boundary Line Dispute Lawyer

Contact attorney Edwin Fahlen for a free initial telephone consultation regarding a homeowners association or neighborhood association disputes. We offer flexible appointment schedules and we are accessible to clients 24/7. Credit cards are accepted, and our office is centrally located near Huntington Beach, California.