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Orange County Owner Dispute Attorney

orange county owner dispute

The California Law Office of Edwin Fahlen provides comprehensive real estate representation. We understand the legal rights and duties of residential and commercial property owners and the various disputes that often arise between co-owners.

Huntington Beach Property Buyout Lawyer

Our Orange County owner dispute lawyer, Edwin Fahlen, possesses 25 years of real estate law experience. He has handled almost every imaginable real estate issue. He has immense experience in working out buyout settlements, as well as removing disruptive tenants/members from the household. He will review your situation and discuss your goals. He will tailor his representation to your short and long-term needs.

Right to Occupy Property

One of the most important real estate issues is the determination of your right to occupy a property. If you and your co-owner disagree, we will take your case to trial. Our legal team will provide documentation to support your claim. We will help you obtain a temporary judicial determination.

We will also provide guidance with domestic violence abuse. Typically, the first step to protecting yourself is going to court to get a kick-out order. These restraining orders outline who legally will reside in a home.

Establishing Rights and Obligations

We provide comprehensive guidance for co-owner disputes. We understand the typical arguments and concerns property owners experience. We will evaluate your situation to guide you to determine the best course of action.

We have handled countless co-owner dispute cases. We will help you pursue your goals. We will also provide guidance if you disagree with a co-owner's legal pursuits. We have extensive experience with:

  • Property buyouts
  • Enforcing management control of a property
  • Establishing financial rights
  • Determining financial obligations
  • Contract disputes
  • Contract negotiations
  • Contract enforcement