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Real Estate and Family Law Lawyer

At the California Law Office of Edwin Fahlen, we understand the complex financial and emotional issues you may be facing. Our legal team possesses a wealth of experience handling complex family law and real estate issues. We will review your situation and guide you to the best course of action.

Real estate and family law attorney Edwin Fahlen has 25 years of experience practicing law. He has dedicated significant time, energy and resources to helping clients pursue resolutions to serious matters. His goal is to help you achieve a resolution short of trial. However, he understands that trial sometimes is necessary to receive a favorable outcome.

Experienced Huntington Beach Family Law Attorney

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At the Law Office of Edwin Fahlen, we provide comprehensive family law representation. Our knowledge of California community property laws and other divorce codes helps us provide informed guidance to each of our clients. We will discuss your case as it pertains to the law and offer counsel tailored to your needs.

Our extensive family law practice includes all issues, some of which are: We are dedicated to helping you understand your options and providing every client with straightforward answers to their questions about child custody, family law and divorce.

Comprehensive Real Estate Guidance

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Our legal team provides extensive real estate law representation. We understand how complicated disputes, transactions and other matters will cause problems for both buyers and sellers. We provide guidance for residential, commercial and industrial real estate litigation. We will tailor our representation around your short- and long-term goals.

Orange County real estate attorney Edwin Fahlen provides a comprehensive real estate law practice that includes all issues, some of which are: